We’re not just your partner, we’re a part of your staff – minus the cost and water cooler gossip. 
So what’s different about us? (Thanks for asking.)
We’re not simply going to tell you that doing things right saves money. That an integrated, tech-driven process cuts out those “old school” inefficiencies. And that having us always on-hand, but not always on-site cuts an entire line item out of your budget. Those things are all true, but we have more to add:


With Finance Office Partners managing your company’s finances, you’re free to concentrate on growing your business.


With us, you have a qualified team of accountants and finance experts, so you can be sure your information is accurate and concerns don’t become problems


We share the decision-making as it’s needed, instead of offering fixes and “should haves” after the fact.


So you know the costs from day one. The only surprise will be how much you save over doing it in-house.


Offices in Trumbull, CT and New York City.  Clients all over the country and the world, literally.

Since 2001, Finance Office Partners has been solving problems – make that challenges – for creative agencies, online firms, and other service industries.  With a team of technology-driven, creative-minded finance professionals virtually down the hall from you, we provide everything a fully-staffed finance department can, from routine bookkeeping to strategic decision-making.

About Us

Kevin Wenig CPA

Kevin Wenig CPA

Big Dog

Kevin has been in public accounting since 1992, working mainly with small businesses and high net-worth individuals. From his start in a 3-person firm to Tax Manager of a 600+-person company in New York City, he lived and breathed accounting even before it was cool.  Kevin has won a number of awards (who knew there were awards for accounting!), has been published multiple times in various industry publications and hosts webinars attended by CPAs for Intuit.  Kevin has worked predominantly with creative clients since he was a pup. 

The affinity with creatives is natural: Kevin is also a tech junkie and software designer with a number of firsts under his belt—like the first accounting iPhone app, TaxVault, and the first “how not to” blog, negatism.com. When he’s not working, he tends to his creative impulses by watching other people do yard work and reading a new book every week.

Russell Smith

Russell Smith

Head Bean Counter

Since joining KWCPA, Russell has worked exclusively with our major business clients, now acting as Controller for the largest. He also oversees many of our small business clients, and guides our talented staff using “real world” experience: having been a commercial photographer in a previous life, Russell understands the concerns of creatives and can talk their language.

In the midst of any chaos, Russell manages to keep calm (really handy during tax season). He’s also extremely detail-oriented, has a couple of education degrees, is the in-house IT guy and an Intuit ProAdvisor. He went Apple before it was cool, and stays a Mets fan even when it’s not. 

The Stuff That Makes Us Different

Intuit ProAdvisors

We’re certified Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisors, a select group of people hired by Intuit to give technology webinars to other accounting firms!


Negatism Website

Did we mention our blog – It’s real-world “don’t do what I did” lessons shared with us—and you—by business owners who’ve been there. The site has thousands of registered users and many more visitors each year!


This is our own software we developed to completely automate an accounting office. Nothing like it existed before we came along and now we’re selling it to other CPA firms!

National Bean Counters Day

A fun holiday we invented to celebrate your favorite accountant on their favorite day (April 16th).
…And it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tax Vault

An iPhone app we created that automatically sends your receipts to your tax preparer.
Spend it & Send It!




Kevin and his team are light years ahead of my previous bookkeeper and CPA at far less than the cost of having in-house employees.  It’s all covered – the day to day and long-range cash flow projections, project reconciliations, taxes…everything!
– Robert Peretson, President, Perry Consulting.

Need more of a traditional CPA firm to work with you on your taxes, audits, financial statements and all the other boring stuff? We got you covered! At our core, we are a CPA firm.

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